Wild Tots Abergavenny outdoor unstructured free play

As parents, we work hard to entertain our children- but research suggests they might be best just left to their own devices!

Encouraging children to fill their own time can help nurture creativity and imagination.  Simply having the space to let your mind wander has been shown to help mental well being and functioning too!

Wild Tots was developed by us; Abergavenny parents Sarah and Zoe, 5 years ago. We ran our first group at Gilwern Outdoor centre with our four very small children charging around the meadow, climbing trees, exploring the pond, generally getting very muddy and having a brilliant time. The session provided the parenting community with a little slice of an old fashioned childhood and sometime to step outside of the usual modern day pressures.

Our children are now at school and we have the time to really develop this project properly! We are working on setting up new groups across Gwent, working with Flying Start Monmouthshire and Blaenau Gwent to think about how best to support families and child care professionals to confidently get outside the Wild Tots way.

Outdoors, wellbeing and freeplay are the three things that we feel passionately about- forchildrenand parents.  To have the confidence to hang out together, explore, help us build a fire, cook fire snacks and make warm drinks for everyone to eat together; at every camp.


The Wild Tots method provides children with the perfect conditions to learn and grow in an outdoor space that is best for them, in the right environment.

Wild Tots run throughout the seasons, so that you and your child can be inspired and in tune with an ever changing classroom. Wild Tots freeplay camps will ignite a child’s natural curiosity about the world outdoors and allows them to explore and create with freedom.


Coming to Wild Tots and being outdoors together enhances the bonds of trust between you and your child.

Wild Tots Abergavenny kids eating by the campfire

We actively promote unrestricted freeplay, which encourages your child to do and try new things and have the space to develop reliance and have confidence in themselves.

By coming along to regular camp sessions, your child will develop enhanced social skills such as increasing resilience, growing in collaborative play and problem solving.

You will see your child acquire healthy sensory and motor development as a result of the freeplay and creative environment.

Wild Tots enables your child to develop a robust understanding of how to actively play outside and you and your child will also walk away each week with fantastic ideas about how to inspire creative play outdoors in your own home.


At Abergavenny, Mardy Park Resource centre, just follow the Facebook page for all our session details:

wild tots at Mardy Park

At Monmouth, The Narth (near Trellech) follow:

wild tots at Manor Woods

Projects we are working on for an early summer start!

Wild Tots Abergavenny outdoor unstructured free play

Wild Tots at Parc Roseheyworth in a collaboration with the Blaenau Gwent Children’s centre and Gwent Wildlife Trust, (Abertillery).

Wild Tots with the National Trust at Clytha Park, (between Raglan and Usk) and Wild Tots at Pontypool Woods. Phew.. it’s going to be an outdoors, busy summer!

We are always interested to hear your thoughts or ideas about Wild Tots! To contact us via our website or just drop us an email.

Sarah and Zoe x