The Wild Tots Model

Wild Tots has over 3 years experience in creating, establishing and running an awesome outdoor community group.

At the centre of our ethos is Wild Play which promotes children and adults being active outdoors throughout the seasons and embracing all weathers.

Wild Tots groups run Outdoors.

The sessions are outcome and theme free which create endless opportunities for child led play, to explore and discover.  We have replaced the traditional ‘toys’ with loose items and one visit to a local scrap store has generated endless fun, resourcefulness, collaboration and problem solving between children and adults alike!

Parental responsibility remains throughout the session.

Our ethos is for mutual support and collective help and everyone seems to value this approach and Adults and Children alike all get stuck in to make the sessions easy and successful.

Wild Tots believes in building a positive outdoor experience for both children and adults.

We acknowledge the famous saying ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’ and seeks to help and inform children and adults on how to dress for the weather.

Wild Tots promotes and encourages the importance of children and adults being able to confidently understand their own safety. We operate a balanced approach (risk / benefit) within the group, which means that we consider what benefits there are to be around activities and environments and the Outdoors.

A key component of the Wild Tots model is its Wild Tots Leader programme. 

Wild Tots believes that the outdoors should be affordable for everyone and advocates a low session cost to ensure this is not a barrier to getting Outdoors with us.

Wild Tots is a community and from that great things have come about and continue to shape and enhance the group.

A true community represents all generations and genders and Wild Tots prides itself on filling a field with mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, nannies, aunties, uncles,  toddlers, older siblings, babies and bumps!  Along with a vast array of talents; local artists, crafters, fire cookery experts, musicians, midwives, doctors, nurses, carpenters, engineers, bushcraft and enthusiasm!

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