the wild tale

Sarah and Zoe met in 2009,

and realised quickly that they both loved being outdoors. After searching for local outdoor groups to attend with their young children, it became clear that there were no affordable community resources on offer.

They believed that access to green,

open spaces for children to play in was really important, and decided that if it didn’t exist on an accessible community level; then they would create it themselves.
Not being the kind of people to waste any time, they quickly secured some open land outside Abergavenny, and Wild Tots was born.

Word spread quickly,

and soon there was a thirty-strong group of children and their parents who would meet once a week to build dens, pond dip, light fires, and get to know nature; whatever the weather. The groups were unique in format, providing a trusted space where children would feel free to play in their own way, in environments that are not overly ordered and controlled by adults.

Realising that the Wild Tots movement was gaining momentum,

Sarah and Zoe left their jobs in 2016, and the group became a social enterprise, offering parents the opportunity to get involved by leading their own groups. By 2018 the Wild Tots ethos had spread throughout Wales and continues to grow rapidly. The organisation relies on its Wild Leaders; up-skilled parents, carers and play workers, who create their own community groups.

Wild Tots now works in tandem with local authorities,

who in recent years have increasingly valued the opportunities for social inclusion and engagement of local communities that the groups provide.


Wild Tots has become instrumental in local authorities’ engagement strategies for refugee families, enabling people from diverse backgrounds to come together.