how can you get started?

Wild Tots aim to support the set up of a group in every community that wants one. Want your own Wild Tots group on your door step? Then you’ve come to the right place…….

 All that you need to begin this rewarding journey is a passion and drive to do something different in the outdoors. We will help you with the rest of the process offering a step by step guide, assistance and support.

 1. Fill out our enquiry form (below) and attend Wild Tots training to get your Wild Tots Leader Certificate 

2. Gather your people and find a site

3. Set up your Wild Tots Facebook page and start creating your community

4. Start playing wild!

start today and fill out our enquiry form

why set up a Wild Tots group?

contribute meaningfully


Get involved and do what you love! Wild Tots children get a great start by spending wild play times outdoors!
Support other parents to be confident with their child in the outdoors and connect with their child’s independent exploration and playful learning



You choose the time, location and number of groups to run.

If you are a parent, bringing along your child is positively encouraged because it inspires some fantastic peer led play amongst the children

helpful, useful and supportive training

Become part of a dynamic and supportive team.
Receive experiential training on understanding children’s play in the outdoors, and the ways in which adults can support it

what is the role of a Wild Tots Leader?

All our Wild Tot Leaders bring a unique range of skills and experience whether parent, child minder or community playworker.

Leaders provide chances for wonder, excitement and the unexpected, but most of all, they facilitate fantastic nature-based opportunities that are not overly created or overlooked by adults.

Families feel supported by Leaders in their local community for Wild play sessions that help develop core life skills while having freedom to learn and most importantly having fun!


can I set up my Wild Tots group with other parents?

Yes! Wild Tots groups are stronger and feel more manageable if you know you have the background support of other parents in your community.

how flexible is it?

You are free choose the time, location and number of groups to run.

If you are a parent, bringing along your child is positively encouraged because it inspires peer led play amongst the children.


Make your Wild Tots group flexibly fit into your life and community………..simply talk to us about your ideas.

what can I expect from my Wild Leader training?

The Wild Leader training is a practical and hands on workshop
which will cover:

the wild tots philosophy

practicalities of running a group

understanding children’s playful behaviour outdoors, and why it’s important

collaborative content devised between Wild Tots and Ludicology, award winning leaders in playfulness research and practice


understanding the role of the adult in supporting children’s play



connecting Wild Tots to your local community

digital course information is available to enhance learning experiences

we have additional training for Leaders interested in having a fire at their Wild Tots group too.

Contact us for more information about this at

great, how do I start?

Apply Now to fill out our short wild online application.
A member of our team be in touch within three working days and
contact you with the next steps..

We understand that setting up a group isn’t for everyone, but you may know of somebody in
your community who does so please share far and wild!