Wild Leaders

Who is a Wild Leader?

You are enthusiastic and you understand the value being outdoors.
You are resilient to a rain cloud or two!   

Wild Tots promotes a multi-generational dynamic to the group and therefore a leader can be a parent, carer, uncle, aunt, grandpa or grandma. 

You and your children connect with our core principles:

  • Wild Play 
  • Wild Tots uses a natural outdoor space facilitated to promote, enhance and stimulate play, creativity, problem solving, team building and collaborative play   
  • Wild Tots provides a supportive network to promote a positive outdoor experience for both Adults and Children
  • Wild Tots promotes a risk/benefit approach to being outdoors
  • Wild Tots runs throughout the seasons, whatever the weather
  • Wild Tots is affordable
What is a Wild Tots Leader?

Wild Tots groups run with either two or three Wild Leaders who support and facilitate the Wild Tots session. Our ethos is of mutual support and collective help. Everyone seems to value this approach and Adults and Children alike all get stuck in to make the sessions easy and successful.

Wild Communities

We believe in creating Outdoor Communities, where everyone helps and takes shared responsibility for the play, the eating, helping and keeping an eye out for others, and putting away at the end of the session.  This we believe enhances and enriches the experience of being a Leader and makes it possible to be a Wild Leader with your children with you.

Personal Development for Wild Leaders

Here at Wild Tots, we want to share our experience of Wild Play and building awesome outdoor communities and its associated benefits with all its Wild Leaders.  This we are able to deliver as a Wild Induction Package which is empowering, inspiring, confidence building and fun.

and fun.

We don’t really think that anyone needs training to get Outdoors and have fun, but we recognise that making Wild Leaders (and other interested parties) more confident and able to inspire others Outdoors, is hugely important.

In addition we are building a package of accessible training to support you as Wild Leaders such as Outdoor Pediatric First Aid, Basic First Aid, Fire Lighting and Safety, Baby Bushcraft and Risk – Benefit training.


We all grow outside! You like it, your children love it.

Becoming a Wild Leader gives you the opportunity to meet new people, share your skills, learn new skills and give you the satisfaction of helping to run a valued and unique Outdoor Community in your local area.

Please contact us for more information about these additional packages

as they are currently being developed and we are excited to bring them to you!

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