Why Setting Up Your Own Group is Awesome

What our Wild Tot families have to say………….

“Before coming to Wild Tots I never took my daughter outdoors because it was something I didn’t feel comfortable doing. This is for her and me” Mum of a Wild Tot

” I was tired of trying to coax my son into taking part in endless activities which he protested against. I stopped going to these groups because I felt embarrassed of how my son was behaving which then left me feeling isolated. Coming to Wild Tots has been brilliant for both myself and him as I have got to meet lots of other parents and he has the freedom to play and burn off his energy in a positive way. Mum of a busy Wild Tot

“I love bringing my kids to Wild Tots, its how I used to play as a boy. I have also met lots of other dads.” Dad of twin Wild Tots

“I can honestly say that it was the first time my 2 children played side by side completely engrossed in their play. Wild Tots have inspired me to set up a mud kitchen at home that won’t cost me anything as its made up of recycled items” Mum of 2 Wild Tots

“I can afford to go to Wild Tots!” Many parents of Wild Tots

What our Wild Leaders have to say about setting up their own Wild Tots Group……….

“The support you have given has been fantastic and we are just so grateful for you bringing Wild Tots to us” Louise, parent and Wild Leader at Wild Tots in Blaenau Gwent.

“I have always loved being outdoors and when having children I realised the benefits of us all being outside. It wasn’t always easy with young children so becoming a Wild Tots Leader gave me a fantastic opportunity to share my love of the outdoors with others and provide somewhere to meet up and connect with other families. Zoe, parent and Wild Leader at Wild Tots Gilwern

“Being involved with Wild Tots has been an amazing experience as I have had the satisfaction of helping run a dynamic group whilst building great friendships and connections within my community. The boys have loved being helpers too and have had so much freedom over the years to play outdoors too. Eryl, parent and Wild Leader at Wild Tots Gilwern.

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