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Sarah and Zoe set up Wild Tots in 2012 when they realised that being Outdoors was where they and their babies were most relaxed.

Sarah and Zoe have shared many great adventures outdoors with their kids and maybe more importantly, some which have been somewhat less than idyllic!  On those trips they realised the value in being with others to help out and laugh together.


Our chief creative director Sarah has lived and breathed the Wild Tots message through her creative vision and patience used to create the Wild Tots branding and logo. She has a keen eye for thrifty style that leaves many a high end shopper stop in their tracks… So keep an eye out for our new Wild products!

Sarah’s 14 years experience working in senior social services has created a unique vision into how our communities can be integenerationally vibrant and thriving when opening up the possibility of getting together outdoors.

Sarah studied Art History in Venice, Level 2 Outdoor Skills, trained in Outdoor Food Hygiene, Qualified First Aider, fully fledged ambassador for the Outdoor Kitchen, and has many years of fire lighting experience and a learning-on-the-job mum of 2 wild girls!

Her passion is art, creating, up cycling, caravan interior design, home renovations, seeking out new and inspiring creative folk and rustling up a foraged fire feast for the family.

Sarah believes that people should be inspired with confidence to get outdoors and see its potential for creativity, freedom and a place where style can follow!


Our outdoor loving co-founder Zoe has 10 years experience supporting and enabling communities to set up and run dynamic community development and regeneration projects across South Wales.

She has worked in the UK and overseas on community involvement projects in environmental education and conservation.

Zoe studied Marine Geography, is a Level 2 Outdoor Skills Practitioner, trained in Outdoor Food Hygiene, Qualified First Aider, fully fledged ambassador for the Outdoor Kitchen, Mindfulness Practitioner, 30 years of fire lighting experience and a rookie mum of 2 Wild Boys!

Her passion is fell running, wild swimming, living simply in the outdoors with family and seeking out new outdoor adventures that can offer both a challenge and inspiration to others. 

She believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to be confident to spend time in the outdoors and explore their own local wild and green spaces.

Founder Tots: Our Children

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Your thoughts, feedback and ideas are important to the success of building outdoor communities, so feel free to get in touch with any questions and comments you have.

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