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Wild Tots Mardy Park

Wild Tots at Mardy Park Resource Centre.
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We meet on Wednesdays at 10:30 until 12 ish. The session is run outdoors every session. There is a large stream to play in, a small wood and lots of space to make dens, get creative and mess around! So, bring waterproofs, wellies and maybe (probably) a spare change of clothes too!

Wild Tots Roseheyworth

This newest group runs every Friday morning at Roseheyworth wood lands which are at the start of the Ebbw Fach trail in Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent. This group is supported by the Play Team and Blaenau Gwent Children’s Centre.

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Wild Tots at Clytha Park

Wild Tots with the National Trust at Clytha Park.
Wild Tots is excited to be partnering with the National Trust and landowners to bring you a series of events: special workshops, fire cooking and community feasts as well as one-off amazing experiences for families and children to enjoy together!

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Wild Tots at Manor Woods

Wild Tots at Manor Woods, Monmouth.
Wild Tots at Manor Woods runs every alternate Friday morning and offers wood based stream adventures for young children and their parents or carers.

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Wild Tots at Cefn Woods

Wild Tots at Cefn Woods is a parent community set up to create dynamic outdoor, unstructured wild play group for young children and their parents.

What to bring: WELLIES, waterproofs if the weather looks rainy, and a maybe a change of clothes (in case of lots of stream splashing!) And a drink.. and we’ll do the rest!

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Wild Tots at Penygarn

Group will now run on a Tuesday morning 10am-11.30am. Team leaders will be on site from 9.30am though if anyone wishes to come from school run.

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Wild Tots at Moorland park in Cardiff

We love nothing more than getting outdoors with our own kids, and enabling communities to do the same thing- and find their very own wild spaces!

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