wild play outdoors

Wild Tots is Wild Play outdoors.

Wild Tots was created as a dynamic response by parents to bring families with young children together in the outdoors for wild play, space for creativity, connection and fun!

Wild Tots has now become a leading project in South Wales that can provide a full support package and parent friendly workshops to inspire and enable communities to set up their own Wild Tots group
We would love Wild Tots to spring up in your local area and we can help you do this!

Contact us at wildtots@gmail.com

What is Wild Play?

Children feel free to explore their own creativity through play.

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Find A Group

We want more children and adults to get Outdoors and enjoy free wild play time.

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Set Up A Group

Get involved and find out how to set up your own Wild Tots group.

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Wild Events

See our wonderfully wild events!

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Latest Wild News and Events

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