wild play outdoors

wild play outdoors

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Wild Tots sessions run outdoors. Our ethos promotes children and adults being active together throughout the seasons and embracing all weathers.

Wild Tots create special places for dynamic child led play providing endless opportunities for children to explore and discover. We have replaced the traditional toys with loose items that generate endless fun, resourcefulness, collaboration and problem solving between children and adults alike!

Wild Tots promotes and encourages the importance of children and adults being able to confidently understand their own safety. We operate a balanced approach (risk / benefit) within the group, which means that we consider what benefits there are to be around activities and environments and the outdoors.

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outdoor play is the best ordinary magic

“Playing outdoors is one of the best play environments for children. The things children find outdoors to play with have no intentional purpose, therefore playing requires imagination, creativity, logic, patience, motivation and repeated trial and error.. even cooperation and negotiation with other children.
Sometimes adults fail to recognise how beneficial this sort of play is and rush in to help or direct the play
often limiting substantially the potential benefits of this freedom.”


   Ben – Ludicology

our groups

The Wild Tots Model is unique. Wild Tot groups are run solely by local parents and carers who have been trained as Wild Leaders and supported to set up their own group for their community.

Wild Tots believes that the outdoors should be affordable for everyone and advocates a flexible and low session cost to ensure this is not a barrier to getting outdoors with us.

Each wild tots group connects local parents together by providing a weekly shared meaningful experience in the outdoors.

our parents

Parental responsibility remains throughout the session. Our ethos is for mutual support and collective help and everyone seems to value this approach and adults and children alike all get stuck in to make the sessions easy and successful

wild parents say

“I really value being able to come out and play with my son outdoors with Wild Tots. The sessions build lots of trust between us and we have some great stories to be able to tell his Mum at the end too!”

Richard and Arlo

“I have taken my two boys to Wild Tots for 4 years! We absolutely love it. It gets me out of the house and I’ve made great friends here too. Because I go to Wild Tots weekly my boys are really comfortable in the space that they are able to play independently and freely!”

Ellie, Tom and Ben

“I come to Wild Tots because it has helped me to feel more comfortable going outdoors with my daughter. She loves it and I feel great afterwards as it feels a big achievement for me!”

Vicky and Sophie

Life's too short not to love what you do!